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Eco-friendly materials and packaging
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What To Include In A Funeral Order Of Service

Jun 7, 2023

A Funeral is a Time to Honour the Life of Someone Who has Passed Away and to Say Goodbye.

Often, the deceased’s family will create an order of service sheet to distribute to attendees. This booklet guides the service and offers a comforting keepsake for those in attendance. This blog post discusses what should be included in a funeral order of service sheet.

The Cover and Introduction

The front cover of the order of service usually has a photo of the deceased, their name, and the dates of their birth and death. The introduction may be a message from the family, a poem, or a significant verse. This sets the tone for the service and can comfort grieving people.

The Order of Service

The order of service outlines the ceremony’s structure, starting with the welcome. This guides the attendees, allowing them to follow the service and participate in any hymns, tributes, or prayers. It may also include details on the officiant, any scriptures, and any additional participants in the service.

Hymns and Music

This section lists the hymns and musical selections to be played during the service. It may include the song lyrics or background information about the music or musicians. Some families may choose to have live music, while others prefer recorded selections.

Readings, Poems, and Eulogies

This section includes the scriptures, poems, or other readings that will be read during the service. It may also include eulogies, tributes, or speeches by family members or close friends who wish to speak at the service. This offers an opportunity for those who knew the deceased to share their memories and pay their respects.

Communion or Other Ceremonies

If the family has opted to have communion, a candle-lighting ceremony or another type of ritual, it should be included in the service order. This shows attendees what to expect and allows them to participate.

Other Information

This may include any information about the reception or burial/cremation, charities for donations in memory of the deceased, a photo gallery, or any other pertinent information about the dead’s life. This section offers attendees a deeper understanding of the person being celebrated.

A well-designed and comprehensive funeral order of service sheet can help ensure that proceedings occur smoothly and that attendees don’t feel lost or confused. It also makes for a beautiful memento for attendees to keep in remembrance of the deceased.

By including the information listed above, attendees will feel more comfortable during the service and will be able to honour the person being celebrated. For more information on our range of services, be sure to contact us today via