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Eco-friendly materials and packaging
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What Photos Do You put on an Order of Service Funeral?

Jun 7, 2023

Our smartphones have become more than just communication devices in the digital age. They are now our personal assistants, entertainment hubs, and even our primary cameras. People rely heavily on mobile phones to document every significant moment when capturing memories or core images.

Funeral order of service sheets is no exception. In this blog, we will explore the importance of high-quality images for these sheets and provide tips on ensuring the best image quality when customers upload photos from their mobile phones.

The Significance of High-Quality Images for Funeral

Funeral order of service sheets plays a crucial role in commemorating the life of a loved one. They are a physical representation of cherished memories, telling the story of a well-lived life. These sheets become even more potent by including high-quality images, capturing the person’s essence and evoking emotions in those who receive them. High-quality photos help to preserve memories and create a lasting tribute to the departed.

Capturing the perfect image requires attention to detail and understanding various factors contributing to a visually appealing and well-composed photograph. To take these original images, here are some essential tips:

Lighting: Adequate lighting is crucial for capturing high-quality images. Natural light is often the most flattering and provides better colour accuracy. If shooting indoors, position your subject near a window or use soft, diffused lighting to avoid harsh shadows. Be mindful of harsh midday sunlight, which can create unflattering contrasts. Experiment with different lighting conditions to find the optimal balance for your desired effect.

Composition and Framing: The design of your image plays a vital role in its overall impact. Consider the rule of thirds, where you divide the frame into nine equal parts using two horizontal and two vertical lines. Position the subject at the intersections of these lines or along them to create a visually pleasing composition. Avoid placing the issue directly in the centre unless it enhances the intended effect.

Eliminating Shadows: Shadows can distract from the subject or create an uneven appearance in the image. To minimise shadows, ensure that the light source comes from the front or the side of the subject rather than from behind. You can also use additional light sources, such as reflectors or fill flash, to balance the shadows and create a more evenly lit scene.

Steady Hands: Keeping your hands stable while taking a photo is crucial to avoid blurriness. Use a tripod or stabilise your camera on a solid surface to eliminate camera shake. If you’re using a smartphone, hold it with both hands and brace your elbows against your body for added stability. Alternatively, you can use the camera’s built-in stabilisation features or utilise image stabilisation apps.

Focus and Sharpness: Achieving sharp focus is essential for a perfect image. Most cameras and smartphones offer autofocus capabilities, which can be set to detect faces or specific points of interest. Ensure the subject is in focus by tapping it on your smartphone screen or using the autofocus lock on your camera. Take your time to focus accurately, especially when capturing details that require precision.

Avoiding Obstructions: Pay attention to your surroundings and ensure that no unwanted elements, such as hands or objects, obstruct the frame. Take a moment to scan the viewfinder or screen before capturing the image, ensuring that the subject is clear of any distractions. Please communicate with your subjects to position their hands or any other potential obstructions outside the frame to maintain focus on the intended subject.

Selecting the Best Photos of the Funeral

When choosing images for funeral order of service sheets, customers should aim for pictures that reflect the personality, interests, and memorable moments of their loved ones. To ensure the best image quality, consider the following tips:

  1. Focus on Clarity: Select images that are sharp and well-focused. Blurry or pixelated photos can detract from the overall presentation.
  2. Lighting Matters: Opt for well-lit images to enhance the details and avoid dark or shadowy pictures. Natural lighting is often the best choice.
  3. Composition and Framing: Consider the design of the image, ensuring that the subject is visible and centred. Avoid photos with excessive clutter or distractions.

Sending Images via Email or WhatsApp

We at Iris Order Of Services now accept photos sent via email or messaging apps like WhatsApp to facilitate the process of collecting images. Here are some advantages of these methods:

  1. Convenience: Customers can easily upload images directly from their mobile phones, eliminating the need for physical copies or visits to the service provider’s office.
  2. Quick and Secure: Sending images electronically allows instant transmission and ensures that the photos remain safe and intact.
  3. Higher Resolution: Email and messaging apps often preserve the original image quality, making it easier to obtain high-resolution photos.

Optimize Image Quality for Upload Funeral

To ensure the best image quality when uploading photos for funeral order of service sheets, customers can follow these practical suggestions:

  1. Original Resolution: Avoid compressing or resizing images before sending them whenever possible. Uploading photos in their original resolution helps maintain clarity and sharpness.
  2. File Formats: JPEG or PNG formats are commonly used and provide good image quality. Avoid using heavily compressed formats like GIFs.
  3. Check Image Size: While it’s essential to maintain high resolution, be mindful of file size limitations for uploading. Large files may be difficult to send or may take longer to process.

In the age of smartphones and digital photography, it is easier than ever to capture and share our most treasured memories. When it comes to funeral order of service sheets, the quality of the images plays a significant role in Honouring and preserving the memory of the departed.

Following the tips mentioned above and Utilizing the convenience of email or messaging apps, customers can ensure that their loved one’s story is beautifully told through high-quality images. Let us capture and celebrate the essence of those we have lost, leaving a lasting legacy for generations.