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How To Write A Funeral Order Of Service

Jul 26, 2023

Explore Depth: How to Write a Funeral Order of Service 

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most challenging experiences. Amidst the grief and sadness, planning a funeral can be overwhelming. One essential aspect of the funeral is the order of service, which guides the guests attending the event. In this article, we will explore a funeral order of service, who is responsible for creating it, what should be included, how to write one, how many copies you may need, and the proper order of a funeral service.

What is a Funeral Order of Service?

Funeral order of service is a printed booklet or pamphlet that outlines the events and proceedings that will take place during a funeral or memorial service. It serves as a roadmap for guests, providing them with a clear understanding of the service’s schedule, hymns, readings, and other important information. The order of service plays a crucial role in helping attendees navigate through the emotional event, providing a sense of structure and organization during an otherwise difficult time.

Who Does the Order of Service for a Funeral?

The responsibility of creating the order of service typically falls upon the deceased’s family or closest friends. They are intimately acquainted with the preferences and wishes of the departed, making them the best candidates to ensure that the service reflects the individuality and essence of the honoured person. However, in some cases, the funeral director or a designated officiant may also assist in putting together the order of service booklet. Collaborating with a professional can help deal with logistical details and ensure that the service order adheres to specific cultural or religious customs.

List of Funeral Order of Service Guides Guests’ Event

When guests attend a funeral, the service order helps them feel more comfortable and informed about the proceedings. It provides structure during an emotionally challenging time, allowing attendees to participate fully in the service and pay their respects meaningfully. The order of service outlines the events that will take place and serves as a keepsake for those in attendance, offering a tangible reminder of the loved one’s life and the tribute paid to them.

What Should Be Included in a Funeral Order of Service

Saying goodbye to a loved one is a deeply emotional experience, and planning a funeral can be a daunting task amidst grief. One crucial element of the funeral is the order of service, a printed booklet that guides attendees during the memorial event. This essential document outlines the sequence of events, hymns, readings, and other significant service details. In this section, we will explore the key components that should be included in a funeral order of service, helping you create a meaningful tribute that honors the life and legacy of your departed loved one.

Front Page

The front page of the order of service is like the cover of a book – the first impression that sets the tone for the entire service. It often features a photograph of the deceased, their name, date of birth, and date of passing. Additionally, you may include a meaningful quote, a Bible verse, or a favorite saying of the departed. The front page should encapsulate the essence of the honoured individual and evoke warm memories among those who knew them best.


The inside pages of the booklet contain the main content of the order of service. Here, it’s essential to be comprehensive yet concise. Start with a warm welcome or introduction that thanks everyone for attending and expresses gratitude for the support during this difficult time. Following the welcome, list the order of events with the specific time or order of occurrence. Use a clear and easy-to-read font to ensure attendees follow along effortlessly. Include details about any religious or cultural practices observed during the service so that everyone can participate respectfully.

Back Page

The back page is an appropriate place to include additional information, such as details about the reception or gathering that follows the service. Providing directions or a map to the post-funeral gathering venue can be helpful for guests unfamiliar with the area. You may also add contact information for the family or a charitable organization close to the deceased’s heart for those who wish to make donations in their memory. Remember that the back page can be a meaningful space to express gratitude to everyone who attended and supported the family during their grief.

How to Write an Order of Service for a Funeral

Honoring the memory of a departed loved one with a fitting funeral service is a delicate yet essential task. Creating an order of service holds special significance among the many aspects to consider. This printed booklet serves as a roadmap for attendees, guiding them through the various elements of the service while providing comfort and structure during a time of grief. In this section, we will explore the art of crafting a thoughtful and heartfelt order of service for a funeral, ensuring that the service becomes a meaningful tribute to the life and legacy of the departed.

Order of Service for a Funeral

Design for a Funeral

Selecting the Template or Design for a Funeral

Before you start writing the content, choose an appropriate template or design for the order of service booklet. There are many pre-designed templates available online, or you can create a custom design that reflects the personality and preferences of the departed. Consider using colors and imagery that hold special significance to the individual, ensuring that the design resonates with those attending the service.

The Front Page of the Funeral Order of Service Booklet

As mentioned earlier, the front page should be visually appealing and include essential details about the deceased. The photograph chosen should be one that captures their spirit and personality, evoking fond memories among family and friends. The font style and color should be legible and complement the overall design. You can also add symbols or icons that hold significance to the deceased, symbolizing their passions, beliefs, or hobbies.

Inside Pages of the Order of Service Booklet

For the inside pages, maintain a consistent design theme that carries through the booklet. Start with a heartfelt welcome that sets the tone for the service. The order of events should be presented in a logical sequence, allowing attendees to follow along effortlessly. If the service includes prayers, readings, or hymns, consider including the full text to encourage active participation from attendees. You may also incorporate space for guests to jot down personal notes or reflections, turning the booklet into a cherished keepsake after the service.

How Many Orders of Service Do I Need for a Funeral?

When deciding on the number of orders of service booklets required, it’s essential to consider the number of guests expected to attend the funeral. Generally, it’s better to have slightly more copies than the estimated attendance to accommodate unexpected visitors and allow attendees to take one home as a keepsake. Providing each guest with a copy helps them follow the service and serves as a tangible memento for them to remember the occasion and the life of the departed.

What is the Proper Order of a Funeral Service?

The proper order of a funeral service may vary depending on cultural or religious practices. However, the following is a typical outline that can be customized as needed:

1. Opening/Welcome

The service begins with a brief introduction and words of welcome from the officiant or a chosen speaker. This sets the tone for the entire service, creating a comforting atmosphere for grieving attendees.

2. Prayers and Readings

This segment may include religious prayers, poems, or readings that hold significance to the deceased or their family. These words can offer solace and evoke fond memories among those in attendance.

3. Eulogy

A heartfelt eulogy is often delivered by a close family member or friend, celebrating the life of the departed and sharing cherished memories. The eulogy serves as a touching tribute that showcases the impact the deceased had on the lives of others.

4. Music and Hymns

Musical tributes, including hymns or favorite songs of the deceased, can be performed or played during the service. Music uniquely conveys emotions, allowing attendees to find comfort and support through melodies that hold special meaning.

5. Reflection Time

A moment of silence or reflection allows attendees to remember the deceased in their own way. This time is crucial for personal contemplation and honoring the memories shared with the departed.

6. Tributes and Sharing

Family and friends may share personal anecdotes or tributes to honor the life of the departed. This segment offers an opportunity for attendees to connect with one another through shared experiences and emotions.

7. Committal or Farewell

The final farewell takes place, which may involve lowering the casket or any other customs specific to the funeral. This solemn moment symbolizes the final physical goodbye, allowing attendees to bid their farewell respectfully.

8. Closing Remarks

The service concludes with closing remarks, expressing gratitude to the attendees and offering any final thoughts or blessings. This serves as a gesture of appreciation for everyone’s presence and support during the service.


Writing a funeral order of service is a meaningful way to honor the life of a loved one and guide guests through the memorial service. By carefully selecting the design, including essential details, and outlining the service’s order, you can create a fitting tribute that celebrates the memories and legacy of the departed. Remember that a well-crafted service order can comfort grieving hearts and ensure the funeral is meaningful and memorable for all who attend. Creating a thoughtful and beautiful order of service booklet can be a heartfelt expression of love and respect for the deceased, offering solace and support to those mourning the loss.